About DataCast

About “DataCast” the tool to efficiently improve the results of digital marketing

What is DataCast

A generic term of 3 system :CRMBase、ContactBase、CommunicateBase(email・LINE). By using these systems, it is possible to efficiently operate important customer data in CRM.


By automatically linking with the client system, we provide the functions necessary for CRM from customer analysis to CRM measures(strategy)/ effect verification. Also, unlike CRM based on just the purchase data, it is possible to carry out customer analysis and measure based on mail/form inquiry data, call center communication data, voice data, website access log data (customer behavior data)


Provides a function to manage mail delivery using the original mail delivery engine(API.Mail). Not only email, but we also offer a LINE message deliverying


By linking with CTI, it is a customer management system for operators that starts a web browser triggered by incoming calls. Based on the key items (eg phone numer etc), target customer information, past purchase information, inquiry history, and other information will show on screen. It is possible to manage not only incoming calls but also inquiry data (emails and forms)

Overall view of DataCast