We started providing visual marketing tool visumo August 28, 2018

We started providing a SaaS tool "visumo" that utilizes Instagram for digital marketing which is developed and provided by ECBEING CORP. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Shibuya, CEO: Masaya Hayashi) as a sales agency in Malaysia.

The number of Instagram users in Malaysia is 11 million as of January 2018. It equal to 35% of the population of Malaysia. The number of Instagram users has increased rapidly in recent years. Social media is one of the important tool for consumers to consider purchasing products or services, many people search and check reviews on social media before placing an order/ visiting the shop.


Monthly active SNS users in Malaysia (as of January 2018)


Especially the main contents of Instagram are photos and videos, therefore Instagram is a powerful tool to see the review of goods and services compared to other social media. Many companies in Malaysia are utilizing Instagram for their branding.

"visumo" is a tool that collects posted photos on Instagram which including specific #tag, and displays them on your website. You can easily apply permission for use of photos to the photo owner from visumo's administration page.

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visumo | Marketing tool to utilize photos on Instagram for digital marketing