Our Thailand Office has started a new service--- ''GO LIVE'' May 7, 2020

Our Thailand office has started a new service called 'GO LIVE'. 


What is 'GO LIVE'?

It's a LIVE VIDEO streaming support service that would be effective in this current situation where the business is shifting to digital.

COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly around the world. Almost every country has reported infection cases. Most of the businesses are facing difficulties due to city lockdown and social-distancing rules.
There are no going back to the old days. We believe that if there are no strategies to fight with the COVID-19, without a “with-corona” strategy, it is difficult to even come back to the usual. However, We see these challenging situations as a “chance” to grow business!

We have launched a new service “GoLive”, a live video distribution support service, to support customers’ business growth in response to COVID-19 working remotely.


Strengths of “GoLive” service 

We have been supporting the marketing activities of nearly 100 Japanese companies and government agencies in more than 40 industrial fields for over 20 years in Thailand and Malaysian markets. We have created an environment for producing live sales videos on social media platforms Facebook and Youtube. With our deep insight into business, products, and markets, we are steadily achieving results, and we have earned trust from many premium clients. The marketing knowledge that we had cultivated, and further move along with the marketing which created a new brand service called  GoLive process. We will support you with full GoLive packages from scratch. Our professional support will help you grasp the current situation, environment setting, preparation of work setup, test distribution until successful creating a live video. 

  • Design to Development 
    • We propose all systems required for live distribution
  • Experience and achievement 
    • Seamlessly connected to all devices such as digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Reassuring support team
    • Our experienced team will support you for any inquiries


Effectiveness of live video distribution and Internet usage in Thailand, which is more active than Japan

By simply connecting to Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, you can make a sales presentation of a product or service that is highly immersive from anywhere, and immediately understand the reaction and interest from the target audience.

Especially the usage rate of Facebook and YouTube of Thai Internet users exceeds 90% while Japan is around 70%, respectively, and the internet usage time is nearly 2.5 times that of Japan, which is more effective than Japan. (Source/reference: We are social, survey data as of January 2019)


A key to business survival 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, globally has reported the number of internet users increased resulting in the increase of viewers of videos on the internet, and while real economic activity has stagnated, business growth opportunities have expanded.

Especially in Thailand, under the government's initiative, a stricter curfew is adopted and a much higher percentage of people work from home. Obviously, there is a drastic increase in people accessing corporate websites, product sites, and popular social media platforms. As a result, generating rapid growth in online purchasing and online delivery.


This is it! A key to business survival!

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